Villa La Petraia is located on a panoramic hill in the surroundings of Florence, in a small nice hamlet named Castello. It recently became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Owned by the Salutati family, it became property of the Medici family: the Grand Duke Ferdinando Dei Medici carried out a total restoration during the 16th century.

He created the splendid terraced garden still visitable: we will start our tour into the villa walking through the garden where, especially in spring time, we will have the oppotunity to admire the intense green of the hedges, the colours of the flowers blossoming and the delicate smell of the roses.
The façade of the villa is very simple and plain, but as soon as you enter inside you will find yourself in a huge ballroom entirely frescoed and covered by an iron and glass roof. The villa inside was furnished during the centuries by several important families like the Medici, the Habsburg Lorraine and the Savoy (the first Royal Family of Italy).

An important works of art in the villa: a bronze statue of Venus by Giambologna, several tables decorated with the commesso di pietre dure technique (a special kind of florentine mosaic, elaborate inlaid of precious and semi-preciuos stoneworks). Right behind the villa you can smell there is a big wood with conifer and evergreen trees: lots of birds stop there during the annual migration.